Participants of the 5th International Carp Conference agree upon 3 key issues, that should be presented as a resolution to national administration as well as on the EU level:

1. Predators

There is an urgent need for legislative changes in the status of protected species, especially fish predators. Carp ponds, due to the high ecosystem values, are suffering from increased pressure from fish predators such as cormorants, otters and other. Carp farmers can not be the ones who carry all the ecological costs to protect these species and should be allowed to protect their fish from these species.

2. Compensation for ecological values

Carp ponds are more than just place of fish production. The ecological values serve the whole society and preserving the environment can not be the burden of the fish farmer. Therefore there should be financial measures secured to compensate the losses and additiona;l costs of environmental services.

3. Carp promotion

There is a need to treat carp as an extraordinary fish species due to the „green production”. On the other hand, carp farms are in vast majority small family businesses and have no financial and organizatory potential of making big scale marketing campaign. We need a 100% EU-funded promotion of carp.